Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pre- Draft and Post-Draft Thoughts

The Fantasy Counselor is IN:

Last Saturday was one of the best days of the year. It was Draft day for my Fantasy Baseball Auction. I look forward to my draft days with eager anticipation. I game plan for weeks. I spend endless hours prep work. I love my drafts. Here were my needs going into the draft: I needed 2B, Middle, 1 Outfielder, and one DH for offense and 6 pitchers. My pitching goals were to get 2 more upper level starters, another potential saves guy, and fill out the rest of pitching with solid pitchers- starters and relievers. My offensive goals were to fill in the 2B and Middle with best quality available and to not over spend for an Outfielder and DH. I am needing stolen base people since I have lost Soriano and Ichrio both from last year. I 0nly had $96 of my $300 cap left to spend. It would be a challenge.

What went Right:

I was able to get my 2 upper level starters. I was able to pick up Barry Zito and Jose contrary. I felt good about those to go with my pitching stud: Johan Santana. I also kept the cheap but good starting pitcher- Bruce Chen.

I was pleased with my 2B and Middle guys. I picked up Luis Castillo as my 2nd Baseman. He was the best AL 2nd Baseman that was not kept. He also has good speed and should help with the stolen bases. My middle guy is Juan Castro. He was not at the top of my list but I felt good to get him. He only cost me a $1. He will hit for decent average. He will be solid but not great but I can live with that.

I was able to get some potential saves guys. I already had Francisco Cordero on my team. I picked up Jon Papelbon who has been doing most of the closing for the Red Sox instead of Foulke. I over spent for him but with 4 saves so far, he might earn every dollar this year. I also picked up the injured Dustin Hermanson. I hope he will be back in June. I knew that Bobby Jenks has been shaky. I know that Dustin was a gamble but he only cost me $4. It is a good gamble. I also picked up Fernando Rodney of the Tigers. He is currently closing because of an injury to Todd Jones. Todd has a handspring injury which can be a lingering thing. I picked up Rodney as an injury pickup to Hermanson. This got me more saves possibilities than I was expecting to get. In the past, these guys went ultra high.

What went wrong:

I paid premium dollars for Torri Hunter. I went out and spent cash I should have saved for some of the good quality starting pitching at the end of the draft that I missed. I did get a heck of a player. He brings good average, some power and some more speed to my team. I was worried about speed and that is why I ended up with him. I honestly expected the other person bidding against me to keep going but he did not. This is not sour grapes. I am very happy with Torri but I did not stick to my game plan with him. I did not get enough starting pitching. I am behind in the Win category.

I picked up a bunch of quality set up guys that can get an occasional win and save and also will keep my ERA and WHIP down. Those are not bad things but I need more wins to compete. I am already in talks to trade away Fernando Rodney and I might trade Dustin Hermanson in the process to get more wins. I think I am fine in saves category.

What is my grade: Overall I felt like my draft was a B+. It should be good enough to keep me in the running again. I will be checking over free agents and waiver wire transactions to better my team. I will be examining possible trades.

Chances of Winning the League: 5:1. Not nearly as good as last year (when I did win). With me having Soriano on a contract and loosing him to the NL really hurt this year. I had to pay his contract and did not get anything in exchange. I also have a bunch of contracted players so I was much more tied in this year.

This is my report on my team.

The Fantasy Counselor is Out:

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