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Fantasy Baseball- What Kind of League is right for you - part 2

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This is a series to assist fantasy owners in selecting the best kind of league for you. Fantasy Baseball has numerous variations and differences which can either enhance your fantasy experience or lessen the enjoyment. I hope to bring some understanding for those new to Fantasy Baseball and give some options to the savvy veteran owners.

Redraft vs Keeper vs Dynasty

Redraft leagues are fantasy leagues where your league redrafts or re-auctions a team every season.  You get a fresh start at picking players every year. If you did poorly one season, then the next year you get a clean slate.  The same is also true if you won the league the season before. There is no reward to picking up potential players unless they break out this season.  It is better in these leagues to leave potential players for others to gamble on and pick up the proven commodities except as a late round selection or a cheap auction pick up.  

Keeper Leagues are leagues that allow you to carry a predetermined amount of players from one season to the next.  I have seen leagues that allow you to keep 3 players and leagues that allow you to keep 15 players from season to season.  In auction leagues, you can usually keep the player for the amount you drafted them at for a limited time.  Some leagues have contracts for auction leagues that you sign players longer term but then you have to keep those signed players. In draft leagues, often you can keep the player at the draft round you picked them up for.  In other draft leagues, the kept players come off of the amount of players you can draft.  

Keeper Leagues do reward you for draft well one season to the next since you can keep a certain amount of players.  A strategy in keeper leagues is to pick up some players with potential or that are rookies.  Since you can keep these players year to year, you might be able to find the next Pujols for a bargain basement price.  But you should primarily pick up trusted veterans for most of your team if you want to win now.  

Dynasty Leagues are similar to keeper leagues in the fact you can keep your players.  In most Dynasty Leagues, you can keep your entire roster from season to season.  You have a draft or auction every season to pick up free agents and rookies after the initial season’s auction or draft.  Players with potential and youth are a premium in these leagues.  Since you can carry the entire roster to the next season for the entire existence of the league, you need to think about winning now and you need to pick ups veterans but also need to think about how to win in 5 years from now.  

Part 3 will discuss the differences of Draft (AKA Snake Drafts) vs Auctions.

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