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Fantasy Baseball- What Kind of League is right for you - part 1- Roto vs H2H

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This is a series to assist fantasy owners in selecting the best kind of league for you. Fantasy Baseball has numerous variations and differences which can either enhance your fantasy experience or lessen the enjoyment. I hope to bring some understanding for those new to Fantasy Baseball and some options to the savvy veteran owners.

Rotisserie vs Head to Head
Rotisserie Baseball, named for a  New York City restaurant where the concept was originated, - La Rotisserie Fran├žaise, was the original fantasy sport.  Roto (short for Rotisserie Ball) complies statistics through out the season.  The stats are broken down into categories, usually between 8 and 12 categories.  The stat categories are split with half on offense and half on pitching. Typical statistic categories often are Homers, RBI, Stolen Bases, and Average on Offense and ERA, WHIP (Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched), Wins, and Saves for pitching. Your stat categories are compared to all the teams in the league and each category is ranked.  If there are 10 teams in a league, a team will be give 10 points for the best in that category and all the way down to one point for the worst in the category.  Your points for each category are added together for a grand total.  The team with the most grand total points at the end of the season wins the league.  Your position in the league can change greatly day to day.  Earlier in the season the changes are more dramatic than later in the season.  In a league with 8 categories and 10 teams, an owner could have as much as 80 points or as little as 8 points at any time.  It is difficult to come close to the max or minimum points.

Head to Head is much more like Fantasy Football and is becoming more popular every season because of it. You play against another team in your league each week.  You are given points for winning categories against your weekly opponent (categories are the same type as used in Roto leagues). Those points compile to determine your ranking in the league.  The top teams make the playoffs.  The playoffs are usually win the week and play the next round, lose and go home. The best regular season team does not often win the league.

There are some strategic differences in the leagues.  In a Roto style, a team needs to be somewhat productive in category to be successful. With Head to Head, you can punt or minimized productivity in a category such as Saves or Steals and still win the league. I am a firm believer in not punting categories but some people are successful using this strategy

Part 2 will discuss Redraft Leagues vs Keeper Leagues vs Dynasty Leagues

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