Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mort's View on the Rookie Salary issue

The Counselor is IN:

This morning Chris Mortensen, ESPN NFL expert, was on ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike show. I usually agree with Mort on most issues but not on this issue. Here is what Mort had to say about the Rookie salary issues.

"Chris Mortensen, NFL- Mort says the rookie salary cap issue is a brilliant public relations stunt by the NFL. It's not like owners will take care of veterans if rookies had a cap. There's $400M available now for that. Why should rookies like Jake Long and Matt Ryan be punished? Owners are asking to be saved because agents beat them in negotiations." (Mike and Mike)

Mort was asked about raising the minimum cap to ensure that the owners would pay out the money to the veterans. He stated that the owners would not agree to raise the minimum even with lowering the rookie wage scale because "it is not an issue with the owners". He also stated that the rookies have proven themselves in College and this should provide them with the ability to get the big pay day.

By his logic, Cedric Benson and Ryan Leaf should have been paid the big bucks they were because they had proven themselves. How many times have we heard the NFL is a completely different game than college. So why would players not have to prove themselves in the NFL before becoming a top paid player at their position.

The Counselor is OUT:

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