Sunday, July 06, 2008

Best Fantasy QB: Manning Vs. Brady

The Counselor is IN:

Let us take a look at who the best fantasy QB in a comparing of Brady and Peyton. I know some people will complain that I am not comparing other quarterbacks like Romo, Brees, Palmer, Anderson, and Eli. These other QBs are not at the same level as these two studs. Personally, I hope that Romo will be in this discussion next year.

Last year, Tom had the greatest fantasy season of any quarterback ever. Not only did he have 50 touchdown passes but he also rushed for two scores. He totaled 4806 yards passing. The addition of Randy Moss and Wes Welker gave Brady the receivers he needed to demonstrate his explosiveness.


This was the first season that Brady was a fantasy stud. He was always a good fantasy QB but never a top fantasy QB. The two years previous, Brady had 26 and 24 touchdowns. That is 50 total for the two years before. One has to wonder if last year was a fluke and if Brady will post more pedestrian numbers this year.

Peyton is Mr. Consistent Fantasy Stud. Over the last 3 years he has thrown 28, 31, and 31 touchdowns. He threw around 4000 yards each year. Indy continues to be an offensive Juggernaut of a team.


There are very few weaknesses in Peyton's game. Harrison is getting older but Reggie Wayne has stepped up to be the go to receiver. Peyton will probably not throw 50 touchdowns this year.

My Opinion:
I would choose Peyton Manning between the two. He is more consistent than Brady. I would think that the running game of the Patriots will be more involved than they were last year. If that is true, it will take away opportunities from Brady.

The Counselor is OUT:

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