Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pink's Pre-Game theme song for Sunday Night

The Counselor is IN:

This is week 2 of the NFL season. I am sitting back excited to watch my Cowboys (please don't hold it against me) play on Sunday Night Football. The rock star Pink comes on the pre-game and belts out her Sunday night rock song-"Waiting All Day for Sunday Night". I was originally skeptical of Pink doing the pre-game football theme song for Sunday Night Football. I had to ask myself, will a female rock star get people motivated for football?

Hank Williams Jr. has preformed for us for years for Monday Night Football. I dislike Hank's music (and all country music). I have grown to love that opening scene with him singing on Monday night. I believe that it has become a Pavlov behavioral modification reaction because I get football when I hear the theme song. I think I even salivate.

It has not taken me long to crank the TV when Pink comes on for the Sunday theme. I have always enjoyed Pink's music. I love this song. In my opinion the Sunday night anthem rocks. It reminds me of the great 80's female rockers like Joan Jett and Pat Benetar. In fact, Pink's theme song- "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" is set to Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You." I am not salivating yet when I hear it but I am sure I will be salivating by the end of the season.

Pink was a great selection to perform on Sunday Night. I am sorry I ever doubted. I am still humming the song. Thanks NBC for opening my mind.

The Counselor is OUT:


CHE@MyFantasyAdvisor.com said...

Pink is the worst pre-game singer ever. I really can't believe that someone at NBC thought it was a good idea for her to sing the opening. Did she have to pay NBC, or what? That is crazy.

Larry Litle said...


Thanks for stopping by. I respectfully disagree as I am humming "I hate myself for loving you." We are entitled to our opinions about music and theme songs. I hated the selection of Hank on Monday Night for 3 seasons before I changed my mind and started enjoying the theme song. At least I know that someone is occasionally checking out my site. Even if it is to heckle my taste in music.

I give you an open forum; please tell me why you dislike Pink for the Sunday Night game.

Anonymous said...

Pink is totally inappropriate for anything related to the NFL. Whats next, is Cher going to sing the song on Monday night? She is a pop singer who is not attractive. Many at the sports bar I was aviewing the game in were in disgust. People were booing the televisions. The cheesy digital graphics are poorly done as well. At least Hank Williams, Charlie Daniels, Steven Van Zandt and the rest of those guys play their own instruments. They also would never ever use a backing track. Larry Little, take your pink shrt off and put on an NFL Jersey.

Larry Litle said...


Thanks for coming by. Any opinions on my injury lists? Or the links?

I thought I would feel that way about Pink. The effects are bad. I have to say, the song rocks. That is one of my favorite Joan Jett songs. It is not a wimpy pop- Britney Spears song. I am secure enough with my manhood to admit that I like it.

By the way, Go Cowboys.