Thursday, September 28, 2006

NFL Week 4 Fantasy Injuries

The Counselor is IN:

RB- Reuben Droughns- Questionable - Shoulder - He missed practice on Thursday but states that he will play. If he is able to practice tomorrow, then he will probably play but if he misses, then keep him on the bench.

TE-Kellen Winslow- Questionable -Knee - He has not practiced all week. His coach is saying that he may never be back to normal. Partially back, Winslow has had a good season so far but be careful with him if he does not practice tomorrow.

WR- Terrell Owens- Questionable - Hand- Did he try to commit suicide or not? We may never know. We almost have forgotten about his broken finger but not quite. He practiced today and looked good. He is going to be ready. He is a huge distraction and a cancer in the locker room but this boy does have game. Start him unless Parcells decides to leave him at home.

WR- Brandon Stokley- Questionable -Ankle- He is unlikely to play. He should not be a regular starter anyway. Keep him on your bench.

WR- Laveranues Coles- Questionable- Calf - He is going to be a game time decision. He did not practice on Thursday. He is a risk to start but he has been very productive. I would check and see if he practices on Friday before making this decision.

RB- Kevan Barlow- Probable- Calf- Barlow will play this week. You should not start Barlow except for off week coverage at this time. This week he might start losing some carries to Washington and Houston. They are playing the Colts. I doubt if the group gets more than 15 carries combined.

QB- Chad Pennington- Probable- Calf- He has practiced fully for a couple of days. He is a good start against an Indy defense with some secondary injuries. The Colts will score a lot and the Jets will have to try to keep up with them.

WR- Matt Jones- Probable - Groin- He practiced on Wednesday. He will play on Sunday. He has good potential against Washington this weekend. He should be a WR 3 or 4 for you.

RB- Murice Jones-Drew- Probable- Ankle - Murice will play this weekend. He is still behind Fred "Glass Legs" Taylor, who has had a great year so far. Drew will not have 103 running this week. He should start getting a few more touches a game but I would still keep him on the bench until Taylor gets injured.

RB- Chester Taylor- Probable -Ankle- He was just added to the injury report. Unless he gets worse, He will start this weekend. They are playing Buffalo. Taylor is a solid fantasy starter every week but I think he will have a huge game against the Bills.

WR- Chad Jackson- Questionable -Hamstring- He missed a portion of practice on Thursday. If he is better or not, you should not start Jackson. Rookie Wide Receivers break your heart. 3rd year Wide Outs, pad your stats.

WR- Doug Gabriel- Probable -Hamstring- Doug also missed part of practice on Thursday. He should play on Sunday. It is unknown if he will be starting over Caldwell. He seems to be winning over Brady so he might be a decent off week start at WR.

WR- Antonio Chatman- Questionable -Groin- He is getting better. He made some good plays last year for Green Bay. He is clearly at best a number 4 wide for the Bengals. Unless Henry gets arrested (again), Chatman is probably too far down on the depth chart to be a consistent factor.

WR- T.J. Houshmandzadeh- Probable -Foot- Last week, I did not think that Housh would play much and did not have much fantasy value. I have him in two leagues. 2 losses for not starting him. Start Housh. He practiced today. He is getting close to being fully back. Again I say: START HOUSH.

WR- Steve Smith- Probable- Thigh- Smith has been dominating when listed at questionable. He is now upgraded. There is no reason not to start him if you have him.

WR- Keenan McCardell- Questionable- Hamstring- He is probably going to play. He is playing against the Raven's Defense. Keenan is also 36 years old. Start someone else, at least this week.

TE- Todd Heap- Questionable- Ankle- He missed practiced again today. If he practices tomorrow, then it should be fine to start him. Otherwise, use your second TE, if you can bear it.

RB- Shaun Alexander- OUT- Foot- broken- Shaun is out. If you have him, you better have already picked up Morris or had him handcuffed. This might be an injury that goes on for a while. Alexander makes his money with quick clean cuts and with a broken foot, which will be very difficult any time soon. Start your #3 RB or Morris.

TE- Jerramy Stevens- OUT- Knee- Stevens is out because of tearing his meniscus in his left knee. He might be back next week.

TE- Desmond Clark- Questionable- Foot- He did not practice this week. Even if he plays, he is not a TE that you want starting for your team.

TE- Vernon Davis- OUT- Fibula- Davis is expected to miss four weeks with a cracked fibula in his leg.

RB- Frank Gore- Questionable- Ribs- He has been practicing. It appears that he will start. He should have a great week against a bad Chiefs Defense.

QB- Trent Green- OUT- Head (concussion) - The hit that knocked him out of the game looked bad. It must have been because he is still out. I am sure Trent's age is not helping anything.

RB- Ahman Green- Probable- Rib- Ahman has been practicing. He will play. He is not a good play against the Eagle defense.

WR- Donte Stallworth- Questionable- Hamstring- He has a slight strain in his hamstring. He has been Donavan's favorite target this year but this injury is a concern. I would bench him until you can get a better feel of how this will affect Stallworth.

RB- Brian Westbrook- Questionable - Knee- He will probably play just like he did last week, which killed me in my game. Play him if you have him.

WR- Reggie Brown- Probable- Shoulder-He practiced on Wednesday and today. He will play. He could be the primary receiver for McNabb. He is a good number 3 receiver.

TE- L.J. Smith- Probable- Shoulder- He will play. He should be a good play against Green Bay.

The Counselor is OUT:

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