Saturday, July 29, 2006

Second Mock Draft my team- Results

Here are the results of my 2nd mock draft. I had the #6 pick out of 8. This was a 16 round draft. I attempted to get backups for everyone but my kicker and Defense.

Here is my starting line up and backups:

QB: Carson Palmer- Cinn- 5th Rnd pick. I really like Carson this year. I think he will be even better than last year. For me he is the clear #2 after P. Manning.
RB1: Portis, Clinton- WAS- 1st Rnd pick. With his improved Offensive line- I think he is back. He is the n 4th RB on my list only after the big three of LT, L Johnson, and S. Alexander.
RB2: Williams, Carnell- TB- 2nd Rnd pick. He will only get better with experience. I expect 10
TD and 1500 yards from this stud.
WR1: Harrison, Marvin- IND- 3rd Rnd pick. Still P. Manning's favorite endzone target. He still had 12 TDs last year. I expect the same this year. Manning only had 28 TDs last year.
WR2: Ward, Hines- PIT- 4th Rnd pick. Roethlisberger is for real and that makes Ward a potential stud. He had 11 TDs last year. This is a run first offense but it should not be as much of one as last year.
WR3: Burress, Plaxico- NYG- 6th Rnd pick. E. Manning is also for real and Burress is now the man in NY. I expect him to increase his TD totals from 7 last year to 9 or 10.
TE: Heap, Todd- BAL- 8th Rnd. Easily in the top 5 of TE. His numbers were not great last year but I am expecting a return to fantasy stud this year.
K: Rackers, Neil- ARI- 14th Rnd. My topped ranked kicker.
Def: Jacksonville- JAX- 12th Rnd. I waited a little too long on a def but they are in the top 5
of my list. They are a solid young Def with a chance to be great.


QB: Roethlisberger, Ben- PIT- 15th Rnd. I thought he was a steal at the end of the 15 round. I look for him to throw a little more this year with the Bus gone and his confidence going up.
RB: Benson, Cedric-CHI- 7th Rnd. Latest news from camp is that T. Jones is out injured and
Benson has been named the starter.
RB: Rhodes, Dominic- IND- 10th Rnd. He might be the starter for the Potent Colts Offense.
That in itself was worth the gamble with the 10th round pick.
WR: Houshmandzadeh, T.J. - CIN- 9th Rnd. T.J. is the guy on the other side of Chad Johnson.
This leaves T.J. in a lot of single coverage. I see him as good #3 WR and I have him as a #4.
WR: Stallworth, Donte
- NO- 11th Rnd. He has been great in moments and horrible in others. I
think the addition of Brees will help Donte become a steal as my #5 WR.
WR: Brown, Reggie-PHI- 13th Rnd. Here is McNabb's #1 receiver. As my #6 WR, I am
loving this pick. He may not do much but he has great potential and may perform as up to a #3 WR.
TE: Miller, Heath- PIT- 16th Rnd. He had 6 TDs in the first 7 games as a rookie. If
Roethlisberger is healthy all year, he could be a stud. Not bad for the last pick.

My next post will have the complete mock draft.

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