Sunday, July 16, 2006

My pick for a Fantasy Football Magazine is ...

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I finally went fantasy football magazine shopping. I found several different magazines that I liked but I chose the one that I liked the most. It is Athlon Sports/ Grogan's Fantasy Football Analyst is the magazine that I chose. Here is what I liked about this magazine over the others. Firstly, Athlon Sports bought out Grogan's. Athlon is known for doing great sports analyst books for decades including yearly spot lights on the NFL and NCAA Football. Grogan's has been putting out fantasy football magazines for 20 years and they were one of the first fantasy magazines. Together, they have put out a slick looking magazine but it also seems to have the usual great Grogan's content.

This magazine has a ton of related fantasy information including an expert mock draft, rookie information, team information, and cheat sheets. I really liked the player scope analysis section where it takes each position and gives details on why each player is ranked where they are. They put them in the ranked order which I really like better than the alphabetical order that some other magazines use.

The runner up magazine was ESPN's Fantasy Football Magazine. This magazine actually had more details and a longer list of players per position. If you are in a real deep league, this magazine may be worth checking out. I did not agree with some of their picks so put them in second place.

Check out the different magazines and see what you prefer. You now know my preferences. Happy fantasy football magazine hunting.

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