Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Counselor is IN:

Is Fantasy Football Geeky?

I  have been pondering the question if Fantasy Football is geeky or not.   Many people will scoff at this converstation.  After all, football has  always been a “jock” thing and not a geek thing.  But like most geeky  things, fantasy football is based outside of reality.  The fans of  fantasy football are often obsessed like I am for a good Sci Fi show or  Spidey comic books.  Fantasy Football owners speak their own language  and often discuss their success and failures Monday and Tuesday morning  similarly to fans of BSG and LOST would do the day after their show.  

Fantasy  football may be fantasy but it is also based on real stats from real  players.  Fantasy football is stat based which is accepted for sports  fanatics.  It is sports related which is hard to reconcile with geekdom.   

Fantasy  football has become much more acceptable over the last twenty years.  I  remember when it was only for fringe few. Now, all sorts of people play  fantasy football.  Some of my friends used to never watch a football  game but now that they are playing Fantasy Football, they watch football  religiously.  

Most  of my fantasy football friends, are not jocks but many are geeks.  I  include myself in this group. We will often weave our conversations from  sci fi to comics to fantasy football.  Comics and fantasy football are  the top two things I discuss with my father.

I  really don’t know if fantasy football is really geeky or not.  I do  know that it lends itself well to many geeks and fits in our geeky  nature. I am leaning towards including it in the more socially accepted  geek obsessions. What do my readers think?

The Counselor is OUT:


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Yes it was very Geek if the players are not doing well in their game.

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