Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Opening Day Renewal and Hope

The Counselor is IN: 

The air is full of the smells of the Spring.  Scents of cut grass and pollinating pollinating trees hang and mix with the oxygen. Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is upon us.

Opening day of Baseball season brings me a sense of renewal. After a cold hard winter, it is the gateway to warm weather. The grass, trees, flowers, and plants are renewed and coming back to life. Even at age 40, the start of baseball season brings the promise of playing outside and the upcoming summer months (no longer 12 weeks of summer vacation but still).

Every baseball fan anticipates opening day. His or her team is undefeated. This could be the season that their team breaks out, returns to dominance, and could win the World Series. As a Texas Rangers fan, I am hopeful for a return to the Series and  this time a championship. Even my family and friends that are Kansas City Royals fans believe that this could be their break out season. Opening Day is all about Renewal and Hope and I am grateful for it.

 The Counselor is OUT:

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