Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thoughts on Cowboys Hiring Jason Garrett as their New Head Coach

The Counselor is IN:

I have mixed feelings about the Dallas Cowboys hiring Jason Garrett as their new Head Coach. There are things I really like about Jason.  I also have concerns about Garrett.

1) Garrett changed the culture in Dallas. This to me is the biggest selling point for Jason.  After starting the season 1-7 and the players quiting on Wade, Jason was able to rally the troops.  He implemented harder practices, hitting during practice, personal responsibility for behavior, expectation of showing up on time, and dressing up for road games.  The team responded positively to these changes.  

2) Jason know the system. Jason understand the current system in Dallas.  I am sure he will want to make some changes.  But he will not come in and cause the Cowboys to spend the next 5 years rebuilding because of his scheme changes.

3) Garrett knows how to deal with Jerry and management.  It can take some time to understand how an organization works.  He will have no issue here.

1) The Offense was part of the problem under Wade.  Garrett was the Offensive Coordinator for the first 8 games where they went 1-7. They did not run the ball and the play calling was predictable.  We could not protect Romo because we could not run the ball. This was a gigantic issue.

2) Record was not that impressive. Yes we went 5-3 under Jason and over a full season that would be an acceptable 10-6.  But the last win that we squeaked out was against an Eagles team that rested most of their starters.  I do understand that we started a third string QB but this team should have dominated the Eagles backups.  If they had started their starters, we would be 4-4 under Jason and that would only be an 8-8 season.

3) He has never been a head coach at any level.  He did a decent job for his half season but he has never been in charge of an off season or a draft.  This is a concern for the Red Headed Genius.

Ultimately Jerry did not consult my opinion.  He picked Garrett and believes in him. The players appear to be backing this decision full hearted.  As much as I have some reservations about this selection, I am not sure Jerry would have gotten a bigger name coach.  Other teams were asking permission to interview him.  I throw my support behind Jason and hope he can continue to change the lazy culture of the Dallas Cowboys. I will continue to hope that Jerry made the correct decision.

The Counselor is OUT:  

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