Friday, January 02, 2009

What I learned from 2008 Fantasy Football Season

The Counselor is IN:

Here are a few things I learned from 2008 Fantasy Football Season.

1) Don't buy into the best player draft strategy. Wide receivers have always been sporadic from season to season and quarterbacks are not much better. I learned this lesson again this year in one of my drafts. I wasted a second and third round pick on Braylon Edwards and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Next year I am back to Runningback, runningback, runningback strategy of drafting.

2) Sometimes it is all about luck. In another league, I had the second most points scored for the season and missed the playoffs with an under .500 record.

3) Dominating the regular season only gets you into the playoffs. We see this every year in the NFL and in Fantasy Football.

4) Do not make your top runningback pick an injury prone back on a bad team that will need to pass the ball a lot. Yes I drafted Steven Jackson after seeing the warning signs and paid for it.

5) If you can not get a top tier QB, then draft two second tier QB's. This worked for me in my auction league. I drafted the under performing Roethlisberger and the very productive Cutler.

6) Pull the trigger on that needed trade. After 15 years of Fantasy Football, I knew this but still made the fatal mistake of passing on the trade I needed. Analyze the trade offer and counter trade if you need but do not pass on it if it will make your team better.

7) I hate 12 team leagues. 8 to 10 team leagues are great. When you hit 12 teams, then the stock of players becomes too low. I hate it even more when it is a draft league instead of an auction. At least in a 12 team auction league, you can get the players you want for a price.

The Counselor is OUT:

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