Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Johnson to give Gold metal back for relay

The Counselor is IN:

According to SI, Olympic track sprinter Michael Johnson is set to give back his gold metal for the 2000 Sydney Olympics 1,600-meter relay. The world record holder for the 200 and 400 meters stated that he was shocked by the doping admission, performance-enhancing drugs, of former teammate Antonio Pettigrew. He stated that he will give this medal back to the International Olympic Committee because it is tainted with Pettigrew's admission.

Johnson has 5 Olympic gold metals and will still have 4 when he gives the relay one back. A gold metal is what track and field athletes train for their entire lives. It displays that they were the best in the world on that day. Giving a gold metal back would be pain stakenly difficult. I am sure it will be easier since he still has 4 other gold metals but it still would be a difficult decision to make. I commend Michael Johnson for his good conscience on this matter.

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