Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jerry Porter- top WR to Troubemaker- Suspended for 4 Games

The Counselor is IN:

It is hard to remember that Jerry Porter was the Raiders top receiver last year. He had a better season than the much touted and maligned Randy Moss. If you would have told me in June that a Raider receiver would self implode by week 6, I would have assumed it would be Randy. How wrong I would have been.

Porter has been trying to get himself traded since training camp. I don't know if he just hates Art Shell or if he just stopped caring. His attitude has got him so far in the dog house that he has not even seen the field in any games this season.

How far in the dog house do you have to be to go from best receiver one year to not being on the field? He has done a lot of stupid things this season. He was seen cheering on the side lines when his QB was sacked for the millionth time in one game. He intentionally parked in Al Davis' parking spot during practice one day. Now he has been suspended for 4 games for by Art Shell and it will cost him $235,000 of his $1 million base salary.

He was also given permission to seek a trade. The trade has to be finalized by October 17th. He was given 3 days to get a trade? I hope he is a fast worker or the only thing he will see after the suspension will be more bench time.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the suspension may not hold up because of the reason of the suspension. Apparently, Friday's practice was very long and "chaotic". According to the article, several players were grumbling about it. Art Shell heard Porter complaining about it and asking if practice "was going to last three hours or what?"

Porter has deserved to be suspended earlier in the year. I am sure that Shell had selective hearing on who he heard complaining about the practice. I am also sure that Porter was not trying to be quiet about his opinion and was not just over heard. He deserves to be made an example out of but I am not sure it will happen. If not, I am sure that he will do something soon that will be stupid enough to be suspended for.

I have always liked Art Shell. I was very happy to see him get another chance at being a head coach. He was given a horrible team to coach. He needs to turn them around and win their hearts. He will not get the opportunity to do this until Porter is no longer a factor. I hope he is given a chance. Al Davis is not known for giving much of a chance to his coaches.

The Counselor is OUT:

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