Saturday, October 28, 2006

Week 8 Fantasy Injuries

The Counselor is IN:

Here are the week 8 fantasy injuries and thoughts.

WR Larry Fitzgerald (Hamstring) - Doubtful - He missed practice all week. Denny Green has does not think that Larry will play until after their off week- week 9.

WR Anquan Boldin (Back) - Probable - He missed practice on Friday with his back. There does not seem to be enough wrong for Boldin not to play. He will play and you should be starting him.

WR Greg Jennings -Doubtful - He is a game time decision. The chances of him playing are slim. Put him on your bench.

RB Ahman Green (Knee) - Probable - Ahman practiced on Friday. He should be a solid starter as a #2 RB against Arizona. He is only a good spot starter depending on match ups.

WR Antonio Chatman (Groin) -Out - Bengals put him on the IR this week. He is done for the year.

WR Kelley Washington (Hamstring) - Out - He is out for week. He might become the number 3 Wide Receiver when he is back. Hold on to him for now.

RB Rudi Johnson (Back) - Probable - He practiced on Friday. He is ready to play. The Falcons' run defense has been beat up and suspect the last few weeks. This should be a good match up.

QB Steve McNair (Head) - Probable - He practiced Friday without any issues. He was upgraded to probable from Questionable. He should be on the field this weekend. The only reason to start McNair is for an off week.

RB Deuce McAllister (Hamstring) - Probable - Deuce practiced all week. He is playing against the Ravens who are the # 2 defense against the run. It would be difficult not to play Deuce if you have him but if you have other good options; you might want to examine them.

RB DeAngelo Williams (Ankle) - Questionable - He did practice Friday after not practicing all week. He is thought to be a game time decision. I would lean to the thought he will not play until after next week's off week.

TE Jeb Putzier (Foot) - Doubtful - He was downgraded on Friday to Doubtful. He is listed as a game time decision. It does not look good for Putzier to play. He should not be your starter anyway. Leave him on your bench. You should have a better option.

WR Eric Moulds (Thigh) - Probable - Moulds will play this weekend. He is a playable option for an off week.

WR David Givens (Hand) - Questionable - He is another game time decision. He has sleeper potential for the second half of the fantasy season. He also has a high bust potential. He will probably break the starting line up for the Titans when he returns.

WR Brandon Jones (Chest) - Questionable - He is not expected to play this week. His fantasy value is only slight. He has some keeper value.

WR Brandon Stokley (Knee) - Questionable -He continues to miss practices and games. It does not appear that he will be back this weekend. When he returns, his role is expected to be minimal.

K Adam Vinatieri (Right Groin) - Probable - He kicked last weekend and he will kick this weekend. He is a must play every week.

RB Tatum Bell (Toe) - Probable - He practiced with no issues all week. He has become a stud since taking over the full time job in Denver. He will start and you should be starting him.

WR Matt Jones (Hamstring) - Questionable - He practiced all week. It appears that he will be playing on Sunday. He will have a backup QB tossing the ball so it would be safer to leave him on the bench.

QB Byron Leftwich (Ankle) - Out - He did not practice and has been downgraded to out. He is having personal issues with his coach. Be aware that the situation could get out of control and lower Leftwich's value.

TE L.J. Smith (Back) -Questionable - He practiced all week. He will start. He has had a good season. No reason to keep him on the bench.

WR Reggie Brown (Quadricep) - Probable - Brown will be on the field but so will Stallworth. What will Reggie's value be with Stallworth back? You have to lower him from a solid number 3 Wide out to a solid off week replacement.

WR Donte' Stallworth (Hamstring) - Probable - Stallworth has practiced all week. He should be starting this week. Will he pick back up where he left off as McNabb's go to guy? We will have to wait and see. It would be difficult to keep him on your fantasy bench.

RB Brian Westbrook (Knee) - Probable - There is no doubt that Westbrook will play. I did not think he would play last week and I regretted benching him (214 yards and a touchdown on 20 touches). He is a must start.

WR Laveranues Coles (Calf) - Questionable - He did not practice at all on Friday. I would make him a Sunday morning decision.

RB Cedric Houston (Knee) - Questionable - He is not expected to play this weekend. In the Jets running back by committee situation, I would continue to keep him on your bench even when he comes back.

RB Kevan Barlow (Calf) - Probable - He will play but is in the dreaded Running Back by committee. Leave him on your bench if you can.

TE Kellen Winslow (Knee) - Questionable - After practicing all week, there is no excuse not to start Winslow. He is a fantasy must start.

QB Ben Roethlisberger (Concussion) - Questionable - He is truly questionable and a game time decision. After a concussion, I would be cautious of starting him until he has a game under his belt.

WR Santonio Holmes (Toe) - Probable - He will play and has started to play well for a rookie. He has sleeper potential for the second half of the season.

WR Nate Washington (Thumb) - Probable - Washington will be playing. He has played well of late. I would not take a chance on Washington yet. Keep an eye on him and see how much playing time he gets.

WR Cedrick Wilson (Groin) - Probable - He is the third probable WR for the Steelers. He will play. He is worth an off week start if you don't have a high quality number 4 WR.

RB LaMont Jordan (Back) - Questionable - The Raiders seem to believe that he will play. It is hard to start him with the current state of the Raiders. Since they are playing the Steelers, it makes it almost impossible to start him and feel secure. Since he is still listed as questionable, you should get therapy if you start him. You will need it.

RB Justin Fargas (Shoulder) - Probable - It is more certain that Fargas will play than Jordan but there is no reason to start him.

QB Matt Hasselbeck (Knee) - Out - Matt is not expected to be back until week 11. The injuries to the Seahawks have devastated several fantasy teams.

RB Shaun Alexander (Foot) - Doubtful- He will not play this weekend. He might be back for week 9. Continue to have faith that he will save your season once he is back.

WR Bobby Engram (Illness) - Questionable - It does not appear that he will play this weekend. We are unsure what his role will be when he returns because of the play of Branch.

QB Trent Green (Head) - Out - There is no truth to the rumor. Since the concussion, Green does not really think he is Batman. He might think he is Troy Aikman but not Batman.

QB Damon Huard (Groin) - Questionable - Huard is expected to play. He has played decently since Green's concussion. He would be serviceable for an off week but not as your weekly starter.

TE Vernon Davis (Fibula) - Out - He is probably out for a couple more weeks. He should not be your starter. If you have him as a keeper, then stash him away. Otherwise, you should let him go.

TE Antonio Gates (Hip) - Probable - Antonio will play. He is on track to be the best fantasy TE in the league again. Start him and enjoy the fact that he is on your team.

WR Vincent Jackson (Groin) - Probable - Jackson will play this week but he has not had much fantasy value. He is a great keeper with huge upside. Stash him away on your bench if you’re in a keeper league.

QB Chris Simms (Splenectomy) - Out - Tampa Bay continues to hold onto hope that Chris might be able to play this year. I continue to expect them to put him on the IR for the season.

WR Sinorice Moss (Quadricep) - Out - He continues to be downgraded to out every week. He has been injured since July. Do not expect much when he comes back other than as a returner.

WR Plaxico Burress (Heel) - Probable - Here is a nagging issue that will not keep him off of the field. He is a solid number 2 to 3 starter.

RB Kevin Faulk (Ankle) TE - Questionable - He is a game day decision. Faulk does not have enough value to start even for off weeks.

Daniel Graham (Ankle) - Questionable - It does not look like Graham will probably play. You should not hold onto hope that Graham will be anything other than a third TE for your team.

WR Marcus Robinson (Back) - Questionable - Marcus will not play on Monday night. Keep him on your bench. The questionable status appears to be Coaching manipulation issue. Ignore it.

WR Troy Williamson (Concussion) - Questionable - It is never a good thing when a receiver has an MRI on Friday. Do not start him this week.

WR Travis Taylor (Concussion) - Probable - He practiced on Friday in a limited role. Taylor may start by default. He came into this league with a lot of hype and has never lived up to it. Try to find a better option to start.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Week 7 Fantasy Injuries

The Counselor is IN:

Week 7 Injuries and comments.

WR Larry Fitzgerald (Hamstring) - Doubtful- Arizona is being very careful with Fitzgerald. Since Bryant Johnson has been playing well in place of Fitzgerald, they can make sure that Fitzgerald is fully healthy before bringing him back. It is hard to keep a stud on the bench but keep him there this week.

QB Aaron Brooks (Shoulder) - Out- He is out but he is getting close to coming back. He might practice next week. He is not a keeper even when he is back and starting. If you have held on to him, it is time to cut your losses.

RB Justin Fargas (Shoulder) - Questionable- He is a backup in a bad offense. He might have some value if Jordan goes down for an off week but I would not count on it. He did practice the last couple of days.

RB LaMont Jordan (Back) - Probable- He practiced Thursday and Friday. He will start against Arizona. He might be a decent choice for an off week this week.

RB DeAngelo Williams (Ankle) - Doubtful- He will not play this week. He participated in rehabilitation drills during practice this week. It might be a few weeks before he is back.

WR Kelley Washington (Hamstring) - Out- This is a bad time for Washington to be out with a hamstring. He was going to the 3rd receiver with Henry’s suspension but now Washington is out. It looks like he will be out for several weeks.

WR Chad Johnson (Shoulder) - probable- He was able to fully practice on Friday. The local media does not see this injury as a concern. You should not either. Start him and smile about it.

TE Kellen Winslow (Knee) - Questionable- He practiced all week. He is an elite TE. Denver is tough against TE but start him anyway.

WR Laveranues Coles (Calf) - Questionable- He missed part of practice this week. New York Media has not even asked about it so they do not think that it is an issue but I would be a bit more cautious with Coles. Keep an eye on him and make him a game day decision.

RB Kevan Barlow (Calf) - Probable – Kevan will play. He is splitting some carries with Rookie Leon Washington so he is not a fantasy stud but can be a good spot starter.

QB Chad Pennington (Calf) - Probable- Pennington appears to be fine. He continues to be a decent backup.

QB. WR Robert Ferguson (Foot) - Out- Ferguson may be out for the year. He has a Lisfranc foot injury. Ferguson is a former fantasy stud but that has been a while. It is time to move on past Ferguson.

RB Ahman Green (Hamstring) - Probable- Green will play this week. He is injured prone and he has very little tread on his tires. He is good for an occasional off week start.

WR Wes Welker (Calf) - Questionable- Wes was able to practice fully on Thursday and Friday. I would not start any Dolphin receiver that is not named Chambers.

WR Matt Jones (Hamstring) - Out- This year was suppose to be Matt's start to fantasy stardom but has turned into a season on the injured list.

QB Byron Leftwich (Ankle) - Questionable- He did not practice on Friday and will have an MRI on his left ankle. Bench him for this week and see how he is next week.

RB Maurice Jones-Drew (Foot) - Probable -Maurice had a full week of practice. It appears that he will play on Sunday. He has been splitting some time with Taylor. He is a great keeper and should get a real shot when Taylor gets injured. He is not really worth starting until then.

WR Reggie Williams (Shoulder) - Probable -Reggie also practiced all week. He will play. He is starting to develop into the receiver that they thought he would be when they drafted him in the top ten a couple of years ago. He is a decent number 3 receiver. He is a better off week replacement. He is some to hold onto in a keeper league.

TE Jeb Putzier (Foot) - Questionable - He has missed a portion of practice all week long. He is not a safe play for this weekend. He is not a typical fantasy starter. Find someone else to start at TE.

TE. RB Shaun Alexander (Foot) - Out- All indications point to him being out until week 9. He will be back for the final push to your fantasy playoffs, if you are not mathematically out by the time he gets back.

WR Bobby Engram (Illness)- Out - Bobby continues to be out with Graves disease. He supposedly will be able to practice next week. With Branch emerging with Seattle, it might be too late for Engram to keep his starting job.

RB Kevin Faulk (Ankle)- Questionable -Kevin will be a game time decision. He is not a great start any week. Keep him on the bench.

TE Daniel Graham (Ankle)- Questionable - He is another game time decision. With Ben Watson having a good year at TE, Graham is only worth a 3rd TE backup role.

QB Tom Brady (Shoulder)- Probable - It appears that Brady will be starting with no problems. He had a rough game two weeks ago against Miami before the off week. Do not let that bad game convince you to bench him. He is a must start every week.

WR Donte' Stallworth (Hamstring)- Questionable - Stallworth did practice on Friday but only ran a few routes. He will be a game time decision. Even if he plays, he will not be a full strength. I would keep him on the bench this week. Hopefully he will be full strength for next week's game.

RB Brian Westbrook (Knee)- Questionable - ESPN's John Clayton and the Philadelphia Inquirer are both reporting that Westbrook will play. If John Clayton reports it, then it must be true.

WR Reggie Brown (Quadricep)- Probable - It appears that he will play. He had a huge game last week. I would not count on such a great game but he should be a good #3 starter for you.

TE L.J. Smith (Shoulder)- Probable - L.J. will play on Sunday. If you have him, he should be starting for your team. He has played like a fantasy starter all year.

QB Chris Simms (Splenectomy)- Out - The expectation is that he will go on the IR for the year any day. Until they do this, keep him stashed on your injured list just in case.

WR Mark Jones (Hamstring)- Questionable - He did not play all week. At best he is a number 5 or 6 fantasy wide for any team.

QB Michael Vick (Shoulder)- Probable - Vick practiced on Thursday and Friday. He will play on Sunday. It is being reported that he is unhappy with the offense. His situation could be troublesome. He is safe to start but keep an ear to the complaints. It could become interesting in Atlanta.

WR Vincent Jackson (Groin)- Questionable - The Rookie speedster has an injured groin. This is a troublesome and lingering type of injury especially for someone with speed. Keep him on your bench and hope that he gets some time to properly heal. He did not practice all week.

QB Trent Green (Head)- Out - Green has been cleared for practice. He is not expected to play before week 9. If it does not work out, maybe Troy Aikman can get him a gig with commercials for bricks and hot wings. I would not trust him as a starter until he proves himself in a game or two.

WR David Patten (Thigh)- Probable - He appears ready to play. Do you really want to start him?

RB Dominic Rhodes (Ankle)- Questionable - He will be a game time decision. If he plays, he will continue to split carries with Addai. The Colts' running game has been non-existent for most of the season. There is no reason to start Rhodes even if he is able to play.

WR Brandon Stokley (Knee)- Questionable - He has been ruled out to play this week. His left knee was injured on October 8th.

K Adam Vinatieri (Right Groin)- Questionable - Rotoworld is reporting that he is 99% sure he will play on Sunday. He should be starting unless Indy signs Gramatica again. I don't know about the rest of you but this will help my fantasy team.

WR Sinorice Moss (Quadricep)- Questionable - It appears that he will be downgraded to Doubtful even though he practiced all week. Keep the rookie on the bench.

WR Amani Toomer (Calf)- Probable - He practiced on Friday. He should be a go for Sunday. He is a safe play for your team.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jerry Porter- top WR to Troubemaker- Suspended for 4 Games

The Counselor is IN:

It is hard to remember that Jerry Porter was the Raiders top receiver last year. He had a better season than the much touted and maligned Randy Moss. If you would have told me in June that a Raider receiver would self implode by week 6, I would have assumed it would be Randy. How wrong I would have been.

Porter has been trying to get himself traded since training camp. I don't know if he just hates Art Shell or if he just stopped caring. His attitude has got him so far in the dog house that he has not even seen the field in any games this season.

How far in the dog house do you have to be to go from best receiver one year to not being on the field? He has done a lot of stupid things this season. He was seen cheering on the side lines when his QB was sacked for the millionth time in one game. He intentionally parked in Al Davis' parking spot during practice one day. Now he has been suspended for 4 games for by Art Shell and it will cost him $235,000 of his $1 million base salary.

He was also given permission to seek a trade. The trade has to be finalized by October 17th. He was given 3 days to get a trade? I hope he is a fast worker or the only thing he will see after the suspension will be more bench time.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the suspension may not hold up because of the reason of the suspension. Apparently, Friday's practice was very long and "chaotic". According to the article, several players were grumbling about it. Art Shell heard Porter complaining about it and asking if practice "was going to last three hours or what?"

Porter has deserved to be suspended earlier in the year. I am sure that Shell had selective hearing on who he heard complaining about the practice. I am also sure that Porter was not trying to be quiet about his opinion and was not just over heard. He deserves to be made an example out of but I am not sure it will happen. If not, I am sure that he will do something soon that will be stupid enough to be suspended for.

I have always liked Art Shell. I was very happy to see him get another chance at being a head coach. He was given a horrible team to coach. He needs to turn them around and win their hearts. He will not get the opportunity to do this until Porter is no longer a factor. I hope he is given a chance. Al Davis is not known for giving much of a chance to his coaches.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Yardbarker.com part 2

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Yardbarker has made it easy to report one of my articles to them if you think it is a good article. First go to their site, Yarkbarker, and sign up for an account. Then open the specific post by either clicking on the timestamp at the bottom of the post or if it is not the latest post, find the post in the "Previous Posts" and open it up. At the bottom you will see the icons for Yardbaker. Click on it and post it to their site. It is that simple once you get an account on their site.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NFL Week 6 Fantasy Injuries

The Counselor is IN:

Here is week 6 Injury List and what I think.

WR Roy Williams (Back) - Probable -He practiced Friday. His coach stated that he looked really good in practice. He will play and is a must start.

RB DeAngelo Williams (Ankle) - Out - He is out for this week and maybe the next. Look for Foster to get a lot of carries for the Panthers.

WR Mark Clayton (Neck) - Questionable - He was added to the list on Friday. This is never a good sign. Bench him and play someone else.

TE Todd Heap (Ankle) - Probable - He was upgraded to probable today. He practiced a full practice on Friday. He is ready to start. You should be ready to start him also.

QB Chris Simms (Splenectomy)- Out - He is still out and will be most of the season. Place him on your injury list and leave him there.

QB Trent Green (Head) - Out - What does Green have in common with Aikman and Young- how about a career ending concussion. He is listed as out for at least 4 more weeks. I wonder if Green will be with Fox or ESPN the next time we see him.

RB Larry Johnson (Neck) - Probable - He practiced on Thursday and Friday. If you have Johnson, you would be crazy not to start him especially against a beat up Steelers defense.

QB Daunte Culpepper (Knee) - Doubtful - He has been ruled out for the next two weeks but is still listed as doubtful. He has started practicing. If you have been hanging onto Culpepper, you have to be asking yourself WHY?

TE Randy McMichael (Ribs) - Probable - He practiced all week. He had his best game last week. Who knew that Harrington would be helpful for McMichael?

WR Laveranues Coles (Calf) - Questionable - He should play but he did not practice fully on Friday. He hates the Dolphins so he will be on the field if he can. You might want to watch for the announcement on Sunday morning to verify that he will play.

RB Kevan Barlow (Calf) - Probable - He will play and should start. Washington stole a bunch of carries last week when Barlow only ended up with 4 carries. Washington could continue to steal carries but probably not that many. It is enough to bench Barlow.

WR Sinorice Moss (Quadricep) - Out -He is out and will remain out for some time. Moss will not be the rookie of the year or even for your team. He is worth keeping in a keeper league. Otherwise, try to get something for him.

TE Jeremy Shockey (Foot) - Probable - He practiced fully this week. Start him and reap the rewards.

RB Jerious Norwood (Shoulder)- Questionable - He did practice fully this week so he should play but he is the backup and he should remain a backup for your team unless Dunn gets injured.

WR Donte' Stallworth (Hamstring) - Doubtful - He missed all the practices this week. He will not play but it will give Baskett a chance to play. Baskett looked good last week but I would not run out and make him your starter yet.

RB Brian Westbrook (Knee) - Questionable - He practiced on Wednesday and Thursday but got Friday off. He will likely play. If you can, make him a game time decision.

WR Devery Henderson (Shoulder) - Probable - He has practiced with no problems. He is the Saints # 3 WR. This means that you should not pick him up unless you are in a huge league.

TE Vernon Davis (Fibula) -Out - He is out at least another 3 weeks. Hold onto him in a keeper league. Otherwise, cut your loses.

RB Shaun Alexander (Foot) - Out - Alexander is clearly out. Hang on while you suffer through this injury. Holmgren does not want him on the field until he is completely healed. That could be a while.

WR Bobby Engram (Illness) - Out - He has been "recently diagnosed with a thyroid condition." (Rotoworld) He is out and Branch will start in his place. Get well soon Bobby.

WR Drew Bennett (Ankle) - Questionable - He practiced on Friday. His fantasy value is iffy with Young being the QB.

RB LenDale White (Stomach) - Questionable - He has the flu and has missed practice all week. He is a game time decision. He is not a fantasy stud yet so bench him and put in a backup if you can.

K Rob Bironas (Groin) - Probable - It looks like he will play.

WR David Patten (Thigh) - Questionable - Patten is a game time decision. It should not be a decision for you. Leave him on the bench.

WR Larry Fitzgerald (Hamstring) - Doubtful - He is out and could miss 5 weeks. This sucks for your fantasy team if you have Larry. Sorry.

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There is a new type of fantasy sports site out there. The new site is Yardbarker. Yardbarker is a fan site that is ran by the fans. Here is what they say about themselves.

Yardbarker is a new kind of sports site. There are no editors... just sports fans. It's simple. Users submit links to the best sports content from around the web. The community rates quality. You see the best content. By the fans, for the fans. Welcome to Sports 2.0! If you see something on this blog that you find worthy for others to read then please nominate it with Yardbarker. I have a link on this blog to Yardbarker.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

NFL Week 5 Fantasy Injuries

The Counselor is IN:

TE- Desmond Clark - Questionable - Foot - He practiced Friday. He should play but he is not a great fantasy play. I would use a different TE if possible.

RB Reuben Droughns- Questionable- Shoulder- He practiced on Thursday and Friday. He should be a solid play at as a RB 2.

WR Joe Jurevicius- Questionable- Ribs - He practiced on Weds, Thurs, and Friday. He will play but he is not a starter for the Browns. If he can not start for the Browns, he should not start for you.

TE Kellen Winslow- Questionable- Knee - He missed at least part of every practice this week. He did play last week even though he did not practice. He is a game time decision. If you have to have him in before game time, I would bench him.

WR Donte' Stallworth-Doubtful- Hamstring- He has not practiced at all this week. It is reported that he is making progress. I would not count on him to be on the field.

RB Brian Westbrook-Questionable- Knee- Here is another Eagle that did not practice at all this week. I would not count on Westbrook to play this weekend.

WR Hank Baskett-Probable- Shoulder- This undrafted free agent rookie might start this weekend. I would not want to be counting on him for my fantasy team even if Stallworth is out.

WR Reggie Brown- Probable- Shoulder- He will play and start. There are no ifs about it. He should be the primary target for McNabb. He makes a great WR3.

TE L.J. Smith-Probable- Shoulder- L.J. will play. He has only been affective in one game this season. I would not count on him being productive against the Cowboys.

WR Larry Fitzgerald- Probable- Ankle- Larry practiced yesterday. He is playing against the Chiefs which could be good. Leinert is now his QB. The question is how Leinert will perform. Fitzgerald is a definite starter no matter who is tossing him the ball.

WR Chad Jackson-Questionable- Hamstring- He missed part of practice on again on Friday. He is expected to play. Jackson is a great prospect who might become a fantasy starter in the future. He is not right now.

QB Tom Brady- Probable- Shoulder- Brady will play. He is a must play every week.

WR Laveranues Coles- Questionable- Calf- Not only does Coles have a calf injury, but he also injured his wrist last weekend. He is wearing a brace on his right wrist. I would leave Coles on the bench this week and check his progress next week.

QB Chad Pennington- Probable- Calf- Chad will play. He is a marginal fantasy starter and a solid backup.

WR Matt Jones- Out- Hamstring- He is out. Matt may be loosing his starting job with Reggie Williams playing well.

TE Vernon Davis- Out- Fibula- He has a broken leg and he will not be playing for a while.

WR Eric Parker-Questionable- Hamstring- Parker is a very iffy to play. I would leave him on your bench.

WR Robert Ferguson-Doubtful- Foot- Ferguson was a fantasy stud 5 years ago. Those days are long passed. Even if he played this weekend, he would not be a good fantasy play.

WR Donald Driver-Questionable- Ribs- Driver missed practice with a rib injury. Not a good sign to start.

RB Ahman Green- Questionable- Hamstring- See comments on Ferguson. He also has Vernand Morency stealing carries. Not a good play.

QB Brett Favre-Possible- Head- He is playing this weekend and he is playing against the Rams. He is not a great starter at this point in his career but he is a good spot starter.

QB Chris Simms- Out- Splenectomy- I look for Simms to be put on the IR and to be done for the season.

WR David Givens-Out- Hand- He has a broken thumb and could miss several weeks.

TE Erron Kinney- Out- Knee- He is not close to practicing nor is he worth owning.

WR Drew Bennett-Questionable- Quadricep- Bennett has practiced for three straight days. He should play. His issue will be Young at QB. Bennett would be a marginal fantasy starter at this time.

WR Brandon Stokley-Questionable- Ankle- He practiced 2 days in row. It appears that he will play but he will not start with Harrison and Wayne starting. Stokely should remain on the bench unless he will start getting a lot of looks and can stay health.

K Adam Vinatieri-probable- Right Groin- Martin Gramatica was re-signed on Saturday. This does not put much confidence in Vinatieri's status for Sunday.

WR Sinorice Moss-Out Quadricep- He has been ruled out for this weekend. It is doubtful that he will make a fantasy impact this weekend.

TE Todd Heap-Questionable- Thigh- He was added to the injury list on Friday. He is not safe to start.

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