Saturday, July 29, 2006

2nd mock draft- complete draft list.

Here are the complete draft results from my most recent mock draft. I commented on my picks in my previous post. My team again is the HeadShrinkers for this mock draft. Look over it and think about if you would have made these picks in these spots.

1. Dominators Johnson, Larry KC RB
2. CSR Alexander, Shaun SEA RB
3. BlackHawks Tomlinson, LaDainian SD RB
4. Drew's Demons Manning, Peyton IND QB
5. Stinkholes Barber, Tiki NYG RB
6. HeadShrinkers Portis, Clinton WAS RB
7. ptp Jackson, Steven STL RB
8. cardbordpants James, Edgerrin ARI RB
9. cardbordpants Jordan, LaMont OAK RB
10. ptp Johnson, Rudi CIN RB
11. HeadShrinkers Williams, Carnell TB RB
12. Stinkholes Brown, Ronnie MIA RB
13. Drew's Demons Smith, Steve CAR WR
14. BlackHawks Davis, Domanick HOU RB
15. CSR Westbrook, Brian PHI RB
16. Dominators Johnson, Chad CIN WR
17. Dominators Owens, Terrell DAL WR
18. CSR McGahee, Willis BUF res
19. BlackHawks Jones, Julius DAL res
20. Drew's Demons Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR
21. Stinkholes Jones, Kevin DET res
22. HeadShrinkers Harrison, Marvin IND WR
23. ptp Moss, Randy OAK WR
24. cardbordpants Holt, Torry STL WR
25. cardbordpants Parker, Willie PIT res
26. ptp Wayne, Reggie IND WR
27. HeadShrinkers Ward, Hines PIT WR
28. Stinkholes Droughns, Reuben CLE res
29. Drew's Demons Addai, Joseph IND RB
30. BlackHawks Lewis, Jamal BAL res
31. CSR Bell, Tatum DEN res
32. Dominators Dunn, Warrick ATL RB
33. Dominators Gates, Antonio SD TE
34. CSR Boldin, Anquan ARI WR
35. BlackHawks Bush, Reggie NO res
36. Drew's Demons Green, Ahman GB RB
37. Stinkholes Brady, Tom NE QB
38. HeadShrinkers Palmer, Carson CIN QB
39. ptp Chambers, Chris MIA WR
40. cardbordpants Foster, DeShaun CAR res
41. cardbordpants Moss, Santana WAS WR
42. ptp Jackson, Darrell SEA res
43. HeadShrinkers Burress, Plaxico NYG WR
44. Stinkholes Dillon, Corey NE res
45. Drew's Demons Taylor, Chester MIN res
46. BlackHawks Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB
47. CSR Gonzalez, Tony KC TE
48. Dominators Williams, Roy DET WR
49. Dominators McNabb, Donovan PHI QB
50. CSR Jones, Thomas CHI res
51. BlackHawks McAllister, Deuce NO res
52. Drew's Demons Taylor, Fred JAX res
53. Stinkholes Shockey, Jeremy NYG TE
54. HeadShrinkers Benson, Cedric CHI res
55. ptp Witten, Jason DAL TE
56. cardbordpants Manning, Eli NYG QB
57. cardbordpants Driver, Donald GB WR
58. ptp Bledsoe, Drew DAL QB
59. HeadShrinkers Heap, Todd BAL TE
60. Stinkholes Branch, Deion NE WR
61. Drew's Demons Galloway, Joey TB WR
62. BlackHawks Walker, Javon DEN WR
63. CSR Brown, Chris TEN res
64. Dominators Chicago CHI D
65. Dominators Carolina CAR res
66. CSR Bulger, Marc STL QB
67. BlackHawks Martin, Curtis NYJ res
68. Drew's Demons Johnson, Andre HOU res
69. Stinkholes Mason, Derrick BAL WR
70. HeadShrinkers Houshmandzadeh, T.J. CIN res
71. ptp Maroney, Laurence NE res
72. cardbordpants Gore, Frank SF res
73. cardbordpants Crumpler, Alge ATL TE
74. ptp White, LenDale TEN res
75. HeadShrinkers Rhodes, Dominic IND res
76. Stinkholes Evans, Lee BUF WR
77. Drew's Demons Dayne, Ron DEN res
78. BlackHawks Horn, Joe NO WR
79. CSR Smith, Rod DEN WR
80. Dominators Baltimore BAL res
81. Dominators Pittsburgh PIT res
82. CSR Green, Trent KC res
83. BlackHawks Kennison, Eddie KC WR
84. Drew's Demons Coles, Laveranues NYJ res
85. Stinkholes Delhomme, Jake CAR res
86. HeadShrinkers Stallworth, Donte NO res
87. ptp Barber, Marion DAL res
88. cardbordpants Williams, DeAngelo CAR res
89. cardbordpants Cooley, Chris WAS res
90. ptp Perry, Chris CIN res
91. HeadShrinkers Jacksonville JAX D
92. Stinkholes Plummer, Jake DEN res
93. Drew's Demons Glenn, Terry DAL res
94. BlackHawks Porter, Jerry OAK res
95. CSR Bennett, Drew TEN WR
96. Dominators Vinatieri, Adam IND K
97. Dominators Vick, Michael ATL res
98. CSR Muhammad, Muhsin CHI res
99. BlackHawks Warner, Kurt ARI res
100. Drew's Demons Barlow, Kevan SF res
101. Stinkholes McCardell, Keenan SD res
102. HeadShrinkers Brown, Reggie PHI res
103. ptp Jones, Greg JAX res
104. cardbordpants Culpepper, Daunte MIA res
105. cardbordpants Jones, Matt JAX res
106. ptp Burleson, Nate SEA res
107. HeadShrinkers Rackers, Neil ARI K
108. Stinkholes Favre, Brett GB res
109. Drew's Demons McMichael, Randy MIA TE
110. BlackHawks Smith, L.J. PHI TE
111. CSR Anderson, Mike BAL res
112. Dominators Moore, Mewelde MIN res
113. Dominators Brooks, Aaron OAK res
114. CSR Tampa Bay TB D
115. BlackHawks Indianapolis IND D
116. Drew's Demons Graham, Shayne CIN K
117. Stinkholes Elam, Jason DEN K
118. HeadShrinkers Roethlisberger, Ben PIT res
119. ptp Vanderjagt, Mike DAL K
120. cardbordpants Denver DEN D
121. cardbordpants Feely, Jay NYG K
122. ptp San Francisco SF D
123. HeadShrinkers Miller, Heath PIT res
124. Stinkholes Washington WAS D
125. Drew's Demons NY Giants NYG D
126. BlackHawks Akers, David PHI K
127. CSR Tynes, Lawrence KC K
128. Dominators Robinson, Koren MIN res

Second Mock Draft my team- Results

Here are the results of my 2nd mock draft. I had the #6 pick out of 8. This was a 16 round draft. I attempted to get backups for everyone but my kicker and Defense.

Here is my starting line up and backups:

QB: Carson Palmer- Cinn- 5th Rnd pick. I really like Carson this year. I think he will be even better than last year. For me he is the clear #2 after P. Manning.
RB1: Portis, Clinton- WAS- 1st Rnd pick. With his improved Offensive line- I think he is back. He is the n 4th RB on my list only after the big three of LT, L Johnson, and S. Alexander.
RB2: Williams, Carnell- TB- 2nd Rnd pick. He will only get better with experience. I expect 10
TD and 1500 yards from this stud.
WR1: Harrison, Marvin- IND- 3rd Rnd pick. Still P. Manning's favorite endzone target. He still had 12 TDs last year. I expect the same this year. Manning only had 28 TDs last year.
WR2: Ward, Hines- PIT- 4th Rnd pick. Roethlisberger is for real and that makes Ward a potential stud. He had 11 TDs last year. This is a run first offense but it should not be as much of one as last year.
WR3: Burress, Plaxico- NYG- 6th Rnd pick. E. Manning is also for real and Burress is now the man in NY. I expect him to increase his TD totals from 7 last year to 9 or 10.
TE: Heap, Todd- BAL- 8th Rnd. Easily in the top 5 of TE. His numbers were not great last year but I am expecting a return to fantasy stud this year.
K: Rackers, Neil- ARI- 14th Rnd. My topped ranked kicker.
Def: Jacksonville- JAX- 12th Rnd. I waited a little too long on a def but they are in the top 5
of my list. They are a solid young Def with a chance to be great.


QB: Roethlisberger, Ben- PIT- 15th Rnd. I thought he was a steal at the end of the 15 round. I look for him to throw a little more this year with the Bus gone and his confidence going up.
RB: Benson, Cedric-CHI- 7th Rnd. Latest news from camp is that T. Jones is out injured and
Benson has been named the starter.
RB: Rhodes, Dominic- IND- 10th Rnd. He might be the starter for the Potent Colts Offense.
That in itself was worth the gamble with the 10th round pick.
WR: Houshmandzadeh, T.J. - CIN- 9th Rnd. T.J. is the guy on the other side of Chad Johnson.
This leaves T.J. in a lot of single coverage. I see him as good #3 WR and I have him as a #4.
WR: Stallworth, Donte
- NO- 11th Rnd. He has been great in moments and horrible in others. I
think the addition of Brees will help Donte become a steal as my #5 WR.
WR: Brown, Reggie-PHI- 13th Rnd. Here is McNabb's #1 receiver. As my #6 WR, I am
loving this pick. He may not do much but he has great potential and may perform as up to a #3 WR.
TE: Miller, Heath- PIT- 16th Rnd. He had 6 TDs in the first 7 games as a rookie. If
Roethlisberger is healthy all year, he could be a stud. Not bad for the last pick.

My next post will have the complete mock draft.

Monday, July 24, 2006

QB Rankings

The Counselor is IN:

I am starting to make my list of fantasy football players. I will put them in my ranking and also in power groups. Each group member is being projected to be about the same level of player.

Here is my first rankings for QB:

1)Peyton Manning


2) Carson Palmer
3) Tom Brady
4) Donovan McNabb
5) Eli Manning

6) Matt Hasselbeck
7) Jake Delhomme
8) Ben Roethlisberger
9) Marc Bulger

10) Daunte Culpepper
11) Drew Bledsoe
12) Drew Brees
13) Trent Green
14) Kurt Warner
15) Michael Vick


16) Jake Plummer
17) Byron Leftwich
18) Aaron Brooks
19) Brett Favre
20) Billy Volek


21) Steve McNair
22) Mark Brunell
23) Chris Simms
24) Brad Johnson
25) Jon Kitna


26) David Carr
27) Chad Pennington
28) Rex Grossman
29) Charlie Frye
30) Alex Smith
31) Philip Rivers
32) Kelly Holcomb

The Counselor is OUT:

Fantasy Mock Draft Results

The Counselor is IN:

Here is the results from the first mock draft that I was involved in. It was a TD heavy 8 team mock draft. My team is the HeadShrinkers. I had the 7th over all pick. In this mock draft I was able to pick up the following starting lineup.

QB: Carson Palmer- 6th pick
RB: Carnell Williams- 1st pick
RB: Ronnie Brown- 2nd pick
WR: Randy Moss- 3rd pick
WR: Marvin Harrison- 4th pick
WR: Roy Williams- 7th pick
TE: Tony Gonzalez- 5th pick
K: Neil Rackers- 14th pick
Def: Chicago- 10th pick

Here is the entire mock draft:

1. poop Johnson, Larry KC RB
2. EVOLUTION Alexander, Shaun SEA RB
3. Giny Tomlinson, LaDainian SD RB
4. fat cats Barber, Tiki NYG RB
5. Charm City Chain Gang Portis, Clinton WAS RB
6. dfasdf Jackson, Steven STL RB
7. HeadShrinkers Williams, Carnell TB RB
8. extra Manning, Peyton IND QB
9. extra James, Edgerrin ARI RB
10. HeadShrinkers Brown, Ronnie MIA RB
11. dfasdf Jordan, LaMont OAK RB
12. Charm City Chain Gang Johnson, Rudi CIN RB
13. fat cats Davis, Domanick HOU RB
14. Giny Smith, Steve CAR WR
15. EVOLUTION Westbrook, Brian PHI RB
16. poop McGahee, Willis BUF RB
17. poop Johnson, Chad CIN WR
18. EVOLUTION Jones, Julius DAL res
19. Giny Owens, Terrell DAL WR
20. fat cats Jones, Kevin DET res
21. Charm City Chain Gang Holt, Torry STL WR
22. dfasdf Parker, Willie PIT res
23. HeadShrinkers Moss, Randy OAK WR
24. extra Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR
25. extra Gates, Antonio SD TE
26. HeadShrinkers Harrison, Marvin IND WR
27. dfasdf Droughns, Reuben CLE res
28. Charm City Chain Gang Lewis, Jamal BAL res
29. fat cats Bell, Tatum DEN res
30. Giny Bush, Reggie NO RB
31. EVOLUTION Boldin, Anquan ARI WR
32. poop Dunn, Warrick ATL res
33. poop Brady, Tom NE QB
34. EVOLUTION Ward, Hines PIT WR
35. Giny Foster, DeShaun CAR res
36. fat cats Moss, Santana WAS WR
37. Charm City Chain Gang Dillon, Corey NE res
38. dfasdf Chambers, Chris MIA WR
39. HeadShrinkers Gonzalez, Tony KC TE
40. extra Taylor, Chester MIN RB
41. extra Chambers, Chris MIA WR
42. HeadShrinkers Palmer, Carson CIN QB
43. dfasdf Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB
44. Charm City Chain Gang Wayne, Reggie IND WR
45. fat cats Jackson, Darrell SEA WR
46. Giny Jones, Thomas CHI res
47. EVOLUTION Addai, Joseph IND res
48. poop Burress, Plaxico NYG WR
49. poop Taylor, Fred JAX res
50. EVOLUTION Driver, Donald GB WR
51. Giny McAllister, Deuce NO res
52. fat cats Shockey, Jeremy NYG TE
53. Charm City Chain Gang McNabb, Donovan PHI QB
54. dfasdf Galloway, Joey TB WR
55. HeadShrinkers Williams, Roy DET WR
56. extra Walker, Javon DEN WR
57. extra Green, Ahman GB res
58. HeadShrinkers Martin, Curtis NYJ res
59. dfasdf Manning, Eli NYG res
60. Charm City Chain Gang Branch, Deion NE WR
61. fat cats Brown, Chris TEN res
62. Giny Heap, Todd BAL TE
63. EVOLUTION Bulger, Marc STL QB
64. poop Benson, Cedric CHI res
65. poop Johnson, Andre HOU WR
66. EVOLUTION Mason, Derrick BAL res
67. Giny Dayne, Ron DEN res
68. fat cats Bledsoe, Drew DAL QB
69. Charm City Chain Gang Crumpler, Alge ATL TE
70. dfasdf Houshmandzadeh, T.J. CIN WR
71. HeadShrinkers Rhodes, Dominic IND res
72. extra Gore, Frank SF res
73. extra Carolina CAR D
74. HeadShrinkers Chicago CHI D
75. dfasdf Evans, Lee BUF res
76. Charm City Chain Gang Horn, Joe NO res
77. fat cats Witten, Jason DAL res
78. Giny Glenn, Terry DAL WR
79. EVOLUTION Green, Trent KC res
80. poop Smith, Rod DEN res
81. poop Kennison, Eddie KC res
82. EVOLUTION Delhomme, Jake CAR res
83. Giny Coles, Laveranues NYJ res
84. fat cats Williams, DeAngelo CAR res
85. Charm City Chain Gang Cooley, Chris WAS res
86. dfasdf Plummer, Jake DEN res
87. HeadShrinkers Porter, Jerry OAK res
88. extra Stallworth, Donte NO res
89. extra Barlow, Kevan SF res
90. HeadShrinkers McMichael, Randy MIA res
91. dfasdf Vinatieri, Adam IND K
92. Charm City Chain Gang Bennett, Drew TEN res
93. fat cats Vick, Michael ATL res
94. Giny McCardell, Keenan SD res
95. EVOLUTION Warner, Kurt ARI res
96. poop Maroney, Laurence NE res
97. poop Muhammad, Muhsin CHI res
98. EVOLUTION Culpepper, Daunte MIA res
99. Giny Anderson, Mike BAL res
100. fat cats Burleson, Nate SEA WR
101. Charm City Chain Gang Favre, Brett GB res
102. dfasdf Pittsburgh PIT D
103. HeadShrinkers Johnson, Keyshawn CAR res
104. extra White, LenDale TEN res
105. extra Duckett, T.J. ATL res
106. HeadShrinkers Rackers, Neil ARI K
107. dfasdf Brown, Reggie PHI res
108. Charm City Chain Gang Bruce, Isaac STL res
109. fat cats Moore, Mewelde MIN res
110. Giny Brees, Drew NO QB
112. poop Miller, Heath PIT TE
113. poop Indianapolis IND D
114. EVOLUTION Tampa Bay TB D
115. Giny Jacksonville JAX D
116. fat cats Graham, Shayne CIN K
117. Charm City Chain Gang Baltimore BAL D
118. dfasdf Stevens, Jerramy SEA TE
119. HeadShrinkers Roethlisberger, Ben PIT res
120. extra Brooks, Aaron OAK res
121. extra Feely, Jay NYG K
122. HeadShrinkers Curtis, Kevin STL res
123. dfasdf Moulds, Eric HOU res
124. Charm City Chain Gang Vanderjagt, Mike DAL K
125. fat cats Denver DEN D
126. Giny Elam, Jason DEN K
127. EVOLUTION Tynes, Lawrence KC K
128. poop Akers, David PHI K

The Counselor is OUT:

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mock Draft

Over at Fantasy Sports Central, I am participating in Mock Draft. It is a little slow going on the draft because they give you 12 hours to make your pick when you are on the clock. They do this so you do not have to take a large amount of time out of your day to draft. They send you an e-mail with the latest update and the picks. It seems to be good practice for the upcoming drafts. If you want to practice, check them out and join a mock draft.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My pick for a Fantasy Football Magazine is ...

The Counselor is IN:

I finally went fantasy football magazine shopping. I found several different magazines that I liked but I chose the one that I liked the most. It is Athlon Sports/ Grogan's Fantasy Football Analyst is the magazine that I chose. Here is what I liked about this magazine over the others. Firstly, Athlon Sports bought out Grogan's. Athlon is known for doing great sports analyst books for decades including yearly spot lights on the NFL and NCAA Football. Grogan's has been putting out fantasy football magazines for 20 years and they were one of the first fantasy magazines. Together, they have put out a slick looking magazine but it also seems to have the usual great Grogan's content.

This magazine has a ton of related fantasy information including an expert mock draft, rookie information, team information, and cheat sheets. I really liked the player scope analysis section where it takes each position and gives details on why each player is ranked where they are. They put them in the ranked order which I really like better than the alphabetical order that some other magazines use.

The runner up magazine was ESPN's Fantasy Football Magazine. This magazine actually had more details and a longer list of players per position. If you are in a real deep league, this magazine may be worth checking out. I did not agree with some of their picks so put them in second place.

Check out the different magazines and see what you prefer. You now know my preferences. Happy fantasy football magazine hunting.

The Counselor is OUT:

Fantasy Sports Central

The Counselor is IN:

Here is another helpful website. It is Fantasy Sports Central. This site offers free mock draft, projections, rankings, and cheat sheets. It can be a very help site in creating your own fantasy draft lists. Take it some advice from the counselor and check it out.

The Counselor is OUT:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fantasy Football Toolbox

The Counselor is IN:

Check out the website Fantasy Football Toolbox. This site has a variety of helpful tools, cheatsheets, auction amounts, articles, and mock drafts. The best part is that that it is totally free. They do have banner ads to make money. You can also sign up for a weekly e-mail update. I have found this to be a great source for my football draft needs.

The Counselor is OUT: